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Foxconn raising pay following rash of suicides
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 18:14

From C/Net News

Following a rash worker suicides this year at a massive factory in China, Foxconn is giving employees a 30 percent pay raise.

Taiwan-based Foxconn, which manufacturers laptops, mobile devices, and other hardware for the likes of Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Sony, announced Wednesday that the pay raise will take effect immediately at all of its factories in China.


The increase is higher than the 20 percent pay raise the company initially proposed as a way to deal with the labor shortage in China. The basic salary at the company's China factories is around $130 a month, according to the Associated Press.

An anonymous Foxconn official quoted by the AP said the hope is that workers won't feel the need to put in as much overtime and will thus face a less stressful working environment. "It may also help cut the turnover rate and raise productivity and product quality level," he added.

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