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Foxconn plans further pay increase to stop suicides
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 07 June 2010 16:22

Foxconn plans to raise pay again for workers in Shenzhen, China, to put a stop to a string of suicides at its main factory there, a campus of over 300,000 workers.

The company has become the focus of media scrutiny because at least 13 people have attempted suicide at its factories in China, mainly at the massive Shenzhen facility. Foxconn's size and the list of popular products it makes has also put it in the spotlight. It's the world's largest contract maker of electronics devices, producing iPhones and iPods for Apple, PlayStation 3s for Sony, Wiis for Nintendo, PCs for Hewlett-Packard and Dell, and mobile phones for Nokia.


Last week, Foxconn announced an immediate 30 percent pay raise for all workers in China, but on Sunday the company said it will take a further step at the Shenzhen facility to raise pay again in October.

"The implementation of this wage increase is designed to ensure that the Foxconn workforce has a stable and more comfortable base of income. While overtime work was always voluntary, this wage increase will reduce overtime work as a personal necessity for some employees and make it a personal choice for many workers," the company said in a statement.

Monthly pay for front line employees will be raised to 2,000 Chinese yuan (US$292) per month for those that pass a performance evaluation, Foxconn said. New workers will be eligible for the salary increase after three months at the company. The basic salary of Foxconn workers prior to the start of raises was 900 yuan (US$132) a month.

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