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Increasing vulerabilities we should be mindful of...
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 15 September 2006 11:30
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Study: Browsers Are Chief Virus Carrier

SEPTEMBER 13, 2006 | If you work in security for one of those "cool" companies that lets employees use the corporate network to surf the Web on their own time, you might want to think about becoming a killjoy.

According to a study of 200 companies published earlier today by IDC Denmark, Web surfing has surpassed email as the most prevalent method of spreading worms and viruses. (See IDC: Private Internet Use Insecure.)

"There is a common misconception that emails constitute the biggest security threat from the Internet," says Per Andersen, managing director at IDC Denmark. "But the survey shows that up to 30 percent of companies with 500 or more staff have been infected as a result of Internet surfing, while only 20 to 25 percent of the same companies experienced viruses and worms from emails."

The study involved some 200 Danish companies with 500 or more employees. Of these, almost 40 percent reported that they had been infected with a worm or virus in the previous year.

Some 75 percent of the respondents to the IDC survey said they have established policies for Internet use, and "the vast majority" allow employees to use company Internet access for personal reasons, the research firm says. Even among companies that don't allow Web surfing for private purposes, about 30 percent said staff use the Internet for personal reasons anyway during business hours....



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