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Paperless e-voting a concern this election, say watchdogs
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 29 October 2010 17:29

From ComputerWorld

Nearly one in four voters in Tuesday's elections will use e-voting systems with no paper records

Some election watchers are expressing concern over the fact that about one in four registered voters in next week's general elections will be casting their ballots using electronic voting machines that offer no verifiable paper records.

Paperless direct-recording electronic voting systems have drawn flak in past elections for being unreliable, too hard to audit and too prone to all sorts of tampering.

Such concerns have prompted 32 states and the District of Columbia to pass laws mandating the use of voting systems that support voter-verified paper records over the past few years.

Election officials in another six states have adopted similar systems even though they are not required by law to do so.

However, six states -- Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey and South Carolina -- still use paperless e-voting systems statewide, according to a tally maintained by the election watchdog Verified Voting Foundation. In Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia, direct-recording electronic voting systems account for a vast majority of voting systems.

In addition, paperless voting systems are in use to varying degrees in several other states, including Kansas, where at least 40% of the vote is paperless, according to Verified Voting.


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