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Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 20 September 2006 16:09
Zimbabwe suffers Internet cut-off
No one can pay the bills
By Nick Farrell: Wednesday 20 September 2006, 18:07
The Inquirer

ZIMBABWE IS dropping off the world wide web after the international satellite firm providing the only international connection to the country cut down its bandwidth.

According to the Washington Post, Government-owned TelOne had a deal with Intelsat to give it Internet coverage, but the outfit has decided to limit bandwidth because TelOne is not coming up with enough cash.

Apparently TelOne owes Intelsat $700,000 and is currently going to the Treasury to ask for some cash to bail it out. Until it does, it is probably quicker to use a pigeon to send your emails in Zimbabwe.

President Robert Mugabe is dealing with an inflation rate of 1,200 percent, shortages of foreign cash, food, fuel, and an unemployment rate above 70 percent. So the Interweb is not really a priority...

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