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Microsoft Media Player shreds your rights
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 21 September 2006 14:03

Charlie Demerjian over at The Inquirer has a very informative rant on Windows Media Player 11.

"One of the problems with WiMP11 is licensing and backing it up. If you buy media with DRM infections, you can't move the files from PC to PC, or at least you can't and have them play on the new box. If you want the grand privilege of moving that content, you need to get the approval of the content mafia, sign your life away, and use the tools they give you. If you want to do it in other ways, you are either a lawbreaker or following the advice of J Allard. Wait, same thing."

He goes on to quote portions of the license agreement on WMP 11.

"Windows Media Player 11 does not permit you to back up your media usage rights (previously known as licenses)"

"The store might limit the number of times that you can restore your rights or limit the number of computers on which can use the songs or videos that you obtain from them. Some stores do not permit you to restore media usage rights at all." 

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