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K8L Architecture on the 65nm SOI
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 24 September 2006 10:32

Digit-Life has a presentation from AMD regarding the K8L Architecture, what exactly it does and does not do, and some notes on how it stacks up against Intel's coming offerings.  Of interest is the benchmarking arena; AMD is no longer talking about how they stomp Intel, but rather about how it is important to choose the platform that best fits the needs of the applciation.

'So, what does AMD offer for correct performance comparison, if we need "mean" results?

To use an extended set of tests, if possible. It should include synthetic tests that measure pure performance of the processor microarchitecture (optimized to run from cache for this purpose) as well as tests based on applications that imitate real server operations and realistic load.'


Anyway, you can read the article, and then comment in the forums!

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