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Blue-Ray day, next month!
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 26 September 2006 11:44
The Inquirer
Samsung to ship Blu-Ray next month
Priced at a grand in the hand

By Martin Veitch: Tuesday 26 September 2006, 18:16
SO HERE WE ARE in Covent Garden, London, at Paul Allen’s achingly trendy The Hospital, a lifestyle- conference-restaurant-recording studio joint where it’s cool to stand around observing the natives as if you were David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth. And we’re here because the news is that Samsung has just launched the UK’s first Blu-Ray player and says it will ship in mid-October.

For Samsung, this represents the "ultimate viewing experience" and "the future of high-definition content". Apart from decoding format, Americans already have essentially the same box although Samsung put a neat spin on this by saying that this lag means the "firmware issues have been ironed out" for the UK launch.

With Sky HD ready, the time is probably right for a Blu-Ray launch and Samsung believes we Brits in particular still like to own physical media rather than downloaded bytes.

"It’s not like we have broadband like Korea where you can download a movie in half an hour," said a spokesman.


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