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Apple tries to lose the worm!
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 30 September 2006 10:41
Apple Updates Mac OS X to 10.4.8
Tuan Nguyen (Blog) - September 29, 2006 6:11 PM
Getting ever closer to "Leopard"

Apple today released a number of updates for OS X, bringing the version up to 10.4.8. The new update introduces fixes and tweaks for a number of applications included in OS X: iPhoto, Finder, Safari, Dashboard and several other applications. More critical updates include drivers for wireless access, which has been causing a number of users to experience random disconnects and signal drops on the MacBook Pro, MacBook and iMac computers. Apple identified that several of the included system updates would improve performance in Rosetta as well.

One of the more popular productivity applications currently running on Rosetta only is Microsoft Word for Mac. Word had apparently been experiencing lockup problems when a user attempted to save a document that contained certain OpenType fonts. Other problematic system fixes include RAW processing as well as a problem with resolution changes in PowerPoint for Mac....more



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