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Is Firefox flaming out????
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 02 October 2006 10:07
Hackers Say Firefox JavaScript Flaw Unpatchable
Posted by Kachina Dunn on Monday 2 October 2006 at 11:36 am
IT Business Edge
The two hackers who found a new Firefox flaw say the bug is impossible to patch.

A presentation at the ToorCon hacker conference revealed details of the JavaScript vulnerability, which can be used to create overflow errors and apparently resides in code at the heart of Firefox that’s a decade or so old.

Mozilla’s security chief responded somewhat noncommittally, saying that further investigation would of course be necessary.

Mozilla has a documented record of much faster patches than Internet Explorer, but in this case, the very bad news for the company is that the complexity of the coding around JavaScript could shoot a hole in that pattern.

The conference presentation set off a fresh debate about whether the details of what now may become the basis of a zero-day attack should have been disseminated publicly. Mozilla offers a standing $500 bug bounty, but clearly that wasn’t as tempting in this case as international coverage of the hackers’ cleverness. And it was a hacker conference, after all....More



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