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South American site leaks ATI roadmap
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 06 October 2006 09:55

Read the full story at The Inquirer:

"Chile Hardare managed to break the scoop of the month of October (probably). The site came in possession of one of the very first roadmaps used by spinners and marketing folk to explain what the fusion between AMD and ATI will bring to the table. The presentation still wore corporate branding of ATI, nd is without the doubt a genuine article.

The document speaks of problems that G965 chipset has - remember, we're talking aboutan integrated chipset that allegedly supports the DirectX10 spec, but does not load or crashes in a major number of 3D apps and is referred to "crapics" among several game development teams.

It also mentions the RX690 chipset, which is going to be a single graphic card-supporting chipset. RS690 will feature integrated graphics with performance that is supposed to blow G965 away. Although based upon old R420 marchitecture (X700), it will offer significantly higher performance than integrated parts from Chipzilla and Graphzilla. Probably due to a fact that it comes with eight baseline-DX9 pixel pipes."

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