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Connect3D Radeon X1900GT / Foxconn GeForce 7900GS
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 20 October 2006 08:20

DriverHeaven has a competitive review of the ATI-based Connect3D X1900GT and the nVidia-based Foxconn GeForce 7900GS:

"SLI and Crossfire powered gaming systems are something most of us can only dream about. The same thing is true for cards like the dual-GPU GeForce 7950GX2. The majority of us have to look at single-card solutions, and even then the pricier models can be rather expensive. For that reason both ATI and nVidia offer several cards that can still be considered high-end, but with their price being set at a far more reasonable level. Today we look at offerings from both ATI and nVidia, namely the Radeon X1900GT HDCP by Connect3D and the GeForce 7900GS by Foxconn. To spice things up we will compare the results from both cards with a representative of the last generation of nVidias 7x00 series – the 7800GT. The card is getting rather difficult to buy, since it is no longer being manufactured, but its price is similar to that of both the other cards. Cards in this price range are likely to be partnered with a midrange TFT screen running at around 1280x1024, so we will be running tests at this resolution with as much eye candy enabled as possible."

(7900GS Image courtesy of DriverHeaven)
(X1900GT image courtesy of DriverHeaven)

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