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Intel to introduce native 2MB L2 Cache Conroe
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 22 October 2006 08:55

HKEPC is reporting that Intel plans to release a version of Conroe with native 2MB L2 cache.  What's special about this, you ask?  Well, up to this point all 2MB Conroes have been 4MB production with half the cache disabled.  This means they cost the same to produce as the 4MB parts.  Said a different way, the E6700 and the E6400 both cost Intel the same amount to manufacture, despite the fact that the E6400 only has half the cache of the E6700.  What Intel is going to start doing is making chips that are actually DESIGNED to be 2MB cache parts.  Apparently, this is being done in preparation for AMD's impending release of 65nm parts in November, which are should be 1MB and 2MB native cache parts.

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