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Written by Daniel   
Monday, 23 October 2006 11:13
IBM wades into Amazon for patent infringement
Oi - we invented ordering things online...
By Lester Haines
Published Monday 23rd October 2006 15:26 GMT
IBM today announced it had filed two patent infringement lawsuits against ecommerce monolith

The lawsuits reportedly accuse Amazon of "willfully" violating IBM patents for "such services as allowing users to order items from an electronic catalog and displaying internet advertising".

IBM listed the patents it reckons Amazon defiled as:
US 5,796,967 - Presenting Applications in an Interactive Service.
US 5,442,771 - Storing Data in an Interactive Network.
US 7,072,849 - Presenting Advertising in an Interactive Service.
US 5,446,891 - Adjusting Hypertext Links with Weighted User Goals and Activities.
US 5,319,542 - Ordering Items Using an Electronic Catalogue.

According to Yahoo!, Dr John E. Kelly III, senior vice president of IBM Technology and Intellectual Property, declared: "We filed this case for a very simple reason. IBM's property is being knowingly and unfairly exploited..... More



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