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Sony to bypass the PC for its optical disc devices in 2007
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 27 October 2006 08:00

Read the full story at DigiTimes:

"With the view that the market for PC optical disc drives (ODDs) in Taiwan is approaching saturation, as seen by the NT$1,500 (US$45) price for 16x DVD burners, Sony Taiwan indicated it will shift its marketing toward optical disc devices not dependent on PCs, according to Sony Taiwan.

Although half-height DVD burner technology has advanced to 18x writing speeds and will be upgraded further to 20x next year, demand for DVD burners is not expected to increase, local industry sources pointed out.

Therefore, in August, Sony launched a DVDirect series model (VRD-MC1) multi-function DVD recorder that can directly record video and photos from a DV (digital video camcorders) or digital camera without connection to a PC. The device can also function as an external DVD burner and is priced at NT$11,900, according to Sony."

Wait a minute.  I thought this is what Sony, Time-Warner, BMI, RIAA and all those copyright protection guys wanted?  After all, if it is illegal to make a copy of your DVDs and CDs, then why would you need to buy a burner?  There's something here I'm just not understanding......

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