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Say Hello To DirectX 10, Or 128 ALUs In Action
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 10 November 2006 08:13

Digit-Life has a nice little technical overview of the G80 , and gets into some detail about the internals of how the G80 functions:

"The chip itself consists of 8 unified shader processors. NVIDIA claims there are 128 of them, declaring each ALU a processor. But that is somewhat incorrect, since a single command execution unit features 4 TMUs and 16 ALUs. This gives us total of 128 ALUs and 32 TMUs, but the granularity makes 8 units, each of which can be assigned a separate task, like executing parts of vertex or pixel or geometry shader on a 32-pixel unit (or a unit with corresponding number of vertices and other primitives)."

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