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AMD disses mobo partners on 4x4 platform?
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 20 November 2006 10:15

The Enquirer is reporting that AMD has managed to aggravate a number of its mobo partners by teaming with Asus as the sole supplier of the first motherboards for its 4x4 or 'Quadfather' platform.  Apparently, none of the other mobo manufacturers have received a single set of 4x4 chips to verify whether their existing Opteron mobos will work with the new platform or not.  AMD has been accused of 'Acting like Intel', and one project manager has even been quoted as saying "We won't help them in the future".

I can certainly understand AMD's other mobo partners being miffed, but Intel may have forced AMD into a lose-lose situation: Asustek had the largest array of products for the launch of Intel's Kentsfield and Cloverton chips, and this may have forced AMD to favor Asustek for the launch of the 4x4 platform.

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