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Big brother in the UK?
Written by Favu   
Saturday, 25 November 2006 19:15

"In U.K. public places, smarter closed-circuit TV cameras have been given the ability to listen for disturbances and also keep an eye on citizens."

All that time we spend complaining about the "big brother" situation in the US and he is right, above our noses, watching and listening, in the UK. This is some pretty scary stuff, especially when you consider that the UK already has a security camera for every 14 people. That is an astonishing amount.

^from the cnet article :

"Dr David Murakami-Wood told BBC News that, compared to other industrialised Western states, the UK was "the most surveilled country".

"We have more CCTV cameras and we have looser laws on privacy and data protection," he said."

^From the bbc article :

Scary stuff :(


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