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AMD Budget Coolers Shootout
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 30 November 2006 06:37

Read the full review at Digit-Life:

"Even though the market of cooling systems has been slowly but surely drifting towards High-End products (the current trend in the retail segment is a dramatic confirmation), budget models do not lose their popularity. Catering for a mass demand, these products form the mainstream backbone of the cooler building industry. Their development is often more dynamic than that of high-level cooling systems. The situation is clear: budget coolers prevail in out-of-the-box computers as well as in custom configurations. At the same time, boxed coolers on Intel and AMD platforms cannot satisfy the demand even on the quantitative level. Besides, boxed processors are not always preferable for technical, financial, or some other reasons. No wonder, budget coolers easily find cushy jobs in mass personal computers. But by the analogy with any other budget product category, they traditionally remain conservative — strict technical boundaries, based on the principle "take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves", bring not-so-positive colors to their group portrait. The other side effect that limits the attraction of budget coolers for consumers is a small and monotonous model range, practically traditional in our parts.

A total number of budget models for Socket 754, Socket 939 and Socket AM2 offered these days on the market reaches half a hundred — it's still far from the variety of the age of AMD Socket A and Intel Socket 478, but it's enough to form the critical mass that requires from us a complex approach to reviewing such products. So it seems like a good time to get our test procedure for consumer cooling systems, brush the dust off it, update and use it to review modern budget coolers for Athlon 64."


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