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Flock Web Browser
Written by Aghastpumpkin   
Tuesday, 12 December 2006 20:17

Flock is a new web browser. Yes, your thinking, we don't need another one. I did too.  But I thought, at 9mb, what the heck. And I was pleasantly surprised because Flock is one serious browser.

Flock features all the normal things we accept as part and parcel of a web browser. Tabbed browsing, a search bar, Favourites, RSS Subscriptions etc etc.  However Flock is far more community based. You can use Flock to hook up with, manage and view your Blog. You can also hook Flock up with Flickr and Photobucket to allow you to share photos with friends, comment them easily etc. Sure, you can just login to Flickr as usual but Flock integrates it.


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