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Proof that the search for “great search” isn’t over just yet
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 14 December 2006 10:42

Read the full article at ZDNet:

"Anybody who has ever used a search site like Google or Yahoo knows that there's room for improvement in search. But just how much? Is the room that's left only for incremental enhancements or might we still see some quantum leaps? Until last week when I got a demonstration of the work being done in Sun's Labs, I was thinking "incremental."  But now, I'm thinking quantum leap. And the really strange thing is that Sun isn't even thought of as a search company. After all, when you think about quantum leaps in search, the expectation is that if any one can deliver such a "leap," then that anyone is probably Google.  But Sun? If you told me before last week that Sun would be hatching some cool search technologies in its labs, I would have declared it bunk. But I would have been wrong. Dead wrong."

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