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65nm 'Brisbane' AMD overclocked
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 16 December 2006 15:28

Nedjo at XTremeSystems has been playing with the AMD 'Brisbane' core, and the results have been a little underwhelming; about 3.0 Ghz or a little over on air cooling.  These results are echoed by Anandtech's review of the 'Brisbane' core as well, although it DOES appear to require less power than the equivalent 90 nm core.  The upshot is that the 'Brisbane' core is really little more than a slightly cooler and significantly less costly to manufacture version of the 90 nm parts that are already out there.  To be fair, that's all AMD said they would be, and since they apparently are only going to OEMs at the moment, it really doesn't make that much difference to enthusiasts like us anyway.  However, AMD are always tweaking their manufacturing process, so the chips we finally see in late January MAY be  a different story.  Even if they are, though, they will still lag the Conroe in performance/watt, meaning that Intel will probably be the best game in town for at least 6 months, from the overclocker's perspective.

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