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ATI R600 specs and benchmarks leaked.
Written by Pitch   
Saturday, 30 December 2006 19:11
Level505 have published a set of benchmarks using a R600 that was a sample used for MS Driver Validation. The specs are as follows:

  • 64 4-Way SIMD Unified Shaders, 128 Shader Operations/Cycle
  • 32 TMUs, 16 ROPs
  • 512 bit Memory Controller, full 32 bit per chip connection
  • GDDR3 at 900 MHz clock speed (January)
  • GDDR4 at 1.1 GHz clock speed (March, revised edition)
  • Total bandwidth 115 GB/s on GDDR3
  • Total bandwidth 140 GB/s on GDDR4
  • Consumer memory support 1024 MB
  • DX10 full compatibility with draft DX10.1 vendor-specific cap removal (unified programming)
  • 32FP internal processing
  • Hardware support for GPU clustering (any x^2 number, not limited to Dual or Quad-GPU)
  • Hardware DVI-HDCP support (High Definition Copy Protocol)
  • Hardware Quad-DVI output support (Limited to workstation editions)

The R600 driver used is a modified version of a 32-bit Vista pre-build version; therefore, the results on the R600 side are not optimized.

Results of the Benchmarks here.

R600 is expected to retail on the 22nd of January

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