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It's 2007 and they are still after us! Maybe we should take a look at who "They" are?
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 01 January 2007 10:03
2007: Trouble Ahead

DECEMBER 29, 2006 | One thing's for sure about the security threat landscape in 2007: It'll get a lot more personal.

Everybody has an opinion about what the key security threats will be for next year. But the common thread among the plethora of punditry is that security is getting more of a human face, whether you're the victim of an identity theft scam or corporate espionage, or whether you're the double-agent bad guy behind the attack on your own company.

Attackers, motivated by money, are honing in on individuals and their bank accounts and companies, rather than unleashing a worm to wreak havoc. It's all about the people.

And that often requires a connection, and we're not talking Internet connection. Take the guy sitting in the next cubicle: How well do you really know him? Most targeted attacks require a turncoat insider who's got an ax to grind or a buck to make by teaming up with the bad guys, and this unsettling trend is only going to get worse, security experts say.

A recent University of Michigan study found that 70 percent of corporate theft incidents can be traced to an insider, notes Ellen Libenson, vice president of product management at Symark Software, which sells access control and identity management applications....

Much more in depth look.

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