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AllofMP3 Sued for $1.65 Trillion
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 02 January 2007 07:29

The RIAA have sued Mediaservices (the parent of and for the illegal distribution of 11 million songs between June and October 2006, according to  The RIAA is asking for US $150,000 per copy downloaded.  If you do the math on that, it works out to a tidy piece of change.

However, the whole situation appears a bit more complicated than the RIAA would have you believe.  AllofMP3 claim that they are operating within the laws of Russia.  They also claim they have paid the royalties to the Russian Organization for Multimedia and digital systems (ROM) as required by law.

Problem is, the RIAA doesn't recognize ROM as having the legal right to do that.  Apparently, the RIAA isn't getting their cut: "Mediaservices' sites sell millions of songs by their artists without paying them 'a dime' for the right to do so."

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