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Flexible and bendy LCD's get $100m boost
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 03 January 2007 04:14

A company based in Cambridge, UK, will be building the first factory for production of flexible LCD modules. These displays are higly portable, allowing you to read books and other material whilst on the move.

The idea is that you can sit or lie back and relax whilst reading, something which is not really possible with heavier laptops and the like. The battery will last for 1000s of pages, meaning the device only has to be recharged very occasionally.

Rob Broggi, Vice President and Director of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Equity Research at Tudor, said “This investment meets our objective to find and participate in the most exciting investment opportunities globally, particularly in mobile and nanotechnology sectors.”

Production is due to start in 2008 and the plant will be built in Dresden, Germany.

Plastic Logic's full press release here.

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