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US Goverment begins to take encryption to laptops....well duh!
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 05 January 2007 06:46
Feds Host Encryption Bakeoff

JANUARY 2, 2007 | The industry's leading disk encryption vendors are embroiled in a heated 90-day contest to win a contract to secure mobile computers across the U.S. federal government.

The contest is the result of a federal mandate issued in June, following the theft of a laptop containing the personal data of approximately 26.5 million veterans from an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs. (See After Hard Lessons, The VA Encrypts It All.) The mandate requires the encryption of all data on government-owned mobile devices, unless top officials designate the data as non-sensitive.

To evaluate potential encryption solutions, the government is conducting side-by-side comparisons of a variety of encryption products, including full-disk encryption gear. Some of the participating vendors include Dell, Microsoft, and Seagate Technology, as well as encryption tool vendors such as Credant Technologies, Merlin International, PointSec Mobile Technologies, and SafeNet.... Much More

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