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Asus EAX1950Pro CrossFire
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 05 January 2007 18:40

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"Asus is flaunting ATI's new mid-budget performance chip, the RV570 VPU. Forget the cut-down R580 GPUs of summer -- those are so 2006! Now, as we cross into 2007, welcome in the new face of performance efficiency!

The X1950 Pro, based on the RV570, boasts similar specifications to the previous X1900GT, but the new VPU is manufactured without parts that were previously disabled, making for a more efficient design. Further improvements include the use of a smaller 80nm die process to reduce power consumption and per-clock heat, with the resulting product able to be clocked at a higher frequency.

A shrink in die process and the elimination of unused parts also allows ATI to churn out more dies per wafer, reducing cost, so everyone wins in theory. The only problem for ATI fans is that this card's approximately $200 price tag competes with nVidia's 7900GS from several months ago, and the older card has since dropped slightly in price to roughly the same range. Given nVidia's lead time at this price point, can Asus' PCI Express EAX1950PRO CrossFire/HTDP/256M survive our value assessment?"

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