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Warner enters Hi def with a player that reads both Blue-Ray and HD DVD!
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 06 January 2007 09:14
Total HD: The Warner Bros Solution To Format War
January 6th 2007
by Mihai Alexandru

As the war of next-generation optical format rages on, Warner Bros decided to come up with its own solution. According to media reports, Warner Bros plans to unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show a DVD disc, called Total Hi-Def (Total HD) that would make it possible to play a movie in either a HD DVD player or Blue Ray player.

"The Total High-Definition Disc allows consumers to fully embrace high-definition viewing," Ron Sanders, President of Warner Home Video said in a statement Thursday. "Warner Bros. was a force in creating the current market dominance of the standard DVD, and we hope that THD will make it easier for the average consumer to enjoy this next level of technology."

Warner Bros didn’t release any details about their Total HD solution and also is still unclear if the company would license the technology to rival studios.

Also, Warner Bros has filled a patent for another invention could actually mean the premature ending of the HD DVD vs. Blu Ray war, which Sony and Toshiba have been fighting for quite some time... Much More

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