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Big news: Microsoft Home Server
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 08 January 2007 08:06

It would appear that Bill Gates and Microsoft are crowing about their new Microsoft Home Server: that's that big thing that MS are touting at the CES (well, that and Vista).  Apparently, Home Server (due in the last half of 2007) will act as your central media and file storage server for your home network; other PCs, XBoxes, Zunes, and pretty much everything else will be able to store data, audio, video, and even programs, on the central server and then access that information for use on the local workstation.  It will be capable of streaming audio and video content to your Windows Media Center PC, XBox360, or Zune.

Oh, wait.  There's that nasty DRM thing.  What happens if you try to stream HD video to that PC that has a video card that doesn't support HDCP?  Hmmmm..........and there's also the question of how your are supposed to get the HD content onto the file server to start with.  Hmmm.............does the XBox360 properly support HDCP?  Hmmmm...............

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