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Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 11 January 2007 08:40
Bluetooth Security Worse Than WiFi

JANUARY 10, 2007 | WiFi security is capturing attention everywhere, from airports to coffee shops. But with the growing number of Bluetooth-ready laptops, security experts say the personal area network wireless technology could pose more of a hacking risk than your average WiFi network.

Unlike WiFi, which uses wireless access devices that connect clients, each Bluetooth device is an access point itself, experts observe. "The potential for abuse is a lot greater for Bluetooth than for WiFi, as every Bluetooth device is a potential entry point to the local network," say Thierry Zoller, a security consultant with n.runs AG. "There are hundreds of these in every company."

Zoller, who recently presented some of his research at the Chaos Communications Congress hacker conference in Berlin, says third-party Bluetooth device driver software is a weak link in Bluetooth security.

Researcher HD Moore agrees. "Bluetooth is still a mess right now."

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