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The Phishing's never been better, things are getting worse!
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 13 January 2007 07:14
For Sale: Phishing Kit

JANUARY 12, 2007 | Going phishing just got a lot easier.

RSA this week said it has discovered what it calls the Universal Man-in-the-Middle Phishing Kit, an all-in-one package that provides the raw materials to launch sophisticated phishing exploits that appear to be operating on legitimate Websites.

The kit lets buyers create man-in-the-middle attacks, in which the victims communicate with a legitimate Website via a fraudulent URL set by the fraudster. This allows the fraudster to capture victims' personal information in real-time.

RSA's analysts researched and analyzed a demo of the kit that was being offered as a free trial on one of the online fraudster forums. The kit can be purchased for about $1,000, according to reports.

Using the Universal Man-in-the-Middle Phishing Kit, the fraudster creates a fraudulent URL via a simple online interface, RSA says. This URL communicates with the legitimate Website of the targeted organization in real-time. The victim receives a phishing email, and a link in the message connects to the fraudulent UR. More Here..

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