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Ugly is as Ugly does...
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 14 January 2007 08:14
Dark Matter

Killer Phish
JANUARY 12, 2007 | 4:30 PM -- I'm sure the witless wonder who crafted the latest -- and morally lowest -- phishing attack never heard of the 1970s publication, National Lampoon, nor saw the infamous cover of its 34th issue: "If You Don't Buy This Magazine, We'll Kill This Dog." There was, nevertheless, a bit of symmetry between the depravity of this phishing email and the dark humor of the Lampoon.

The spammed phish starts out well enough.
Good day.

But it goes downhill fast.
I have being paid $80,000 in advance to terminate you with some reasons listed to me by my employers, its one i believe you call a friend, i have followed you closely for one week and three days now.

Do not contact the police or F.B.I. or try to send a copy of this to them, because if you do i will know, and might be pushed to do what i have being paid to do, beside, this is the first time I turned out to be a betrayer in my job.

The rest of the message winds up and lets fly a demand for $80,000 to call off the hit, with a down payment of $20,000 to get what the phisher-killer (or killer-phisher) claims is taped evidence of your unnamed enemy ("friend" in killer-phisher parlance) putting out the contract....More

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