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Why you should care about the WEEE recycling law
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 15 January 2007 01:12

From ZDNet: 

The tech industry has historically been very good at the purchasing end of the supply chain. Add-ons, upgrades, new releases, enhanced designs; IT manufacturers are brilliant at encouraging customers to buy the next iteration of their product even if the existing one still works.

But the by-product of this obsession with upgrading is a high turnover of discarded tech. The large percentage of this equipment that is still serviceable can be donated to charities, such as the UK's Computer Aid, that recondition machines for use by the developing world or other worthy destinations. But until recently, the majority of defunct and junked tech ended up in landfill, or was shipped illegally to the third world to be broken down by ill-equipped labourers in hazardous conditions.

The article continues here.

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