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WOW: The Frozen Burning Crusade
Written by Captaincurran   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007 06:40

I just walked an hour and 10 mins from the EB Games on the far side of town to home in the freezing cold. it was 10 to midnight when i arrived in a line of over a hundred people. i got in the store at 1am. it was 1:20am when i was hugging my copy of Burning Crusades to my chest and frozen tears of joy were trickling down my face. i also got a 2 wow posters, a Draeni Male and the other has a male and Female B'elf. and i got a discount card for used games with a almost naked female B'elf

Forum thread for cold, blue, warm or tired World of Warcraft players is here.


Screenshots show a Blood Elf on the left and a Draenei Shaman on the right. 

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