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Intel makes MS look good!?
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 18 January 2007 08:13
E.U. Pushes to Charge Intel with Illegal Business Practices
Tuan Nguyen (Blog) - January 17, 2007 6:41 AM
Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes says Intel case may be larger threat to E.U. business than Microsoft

According to a report on Forbes, the E.U. Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, was asked to formally charge Intel on grounds of illegal business tactics. Kroes was asked by a number of European Union investigators that have been on the Intel case since 2000. At that time, AMD filed complaints about Intel that claimed Intel monopolized its business in several European regions by causing grief to system builders.

The original AMD reports claimed that Intel disallowed certain vendors to have their usual discounts if purchases of AMD products exceeded 20-percent of the vendor's overall purchase. DailyTech previously reported that Intel was in headlines for even bribing vendors not to carry AMD products. The original report by Financial Times Deutschland also noted that Intel carried out similar actions within the U.S.... More

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