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Silverstone CW01-WD MediaPC/HTPC enclosure
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 18 January 2007 13:33

Read the full review at XtremeComputing:

"Founded in the summer of 2003, SilverStone Technology is now a proven leader of aluminum enclosure design and manufacturing. There expertise in creating functional artworks out of ordinary electronics and computer components is well founded. Numerous designs and ideas for improving computer enclosure were first created by their excellent team of engineers and are revered by many as the pinnacle of their respective fields. Today, SilverStone Technology continues to garner attention and awards that live up to the original vision of creating the most advanced and beautiful products available on the market, we recently looked at a few cases from Silverstone the full size LC20M and the mini ITX LC09, both were great designed and made cases and well deserved the awards they were given. But what about the user that wants to build a kick ass system in a media PC case?"

(Image courtesy of XtremeComputing)

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