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Pluto mission to reveal Jupiter's secrets
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 20 January 2007 21:33

Read the full story at CNET:

"NASA's spacecraft is headed for Pluto, but it won't waste time along the way, according to an Internet-televised press conference held Thursday.

The New Horizons spacecraft will arrive at its closest point to Jupiter on February 28. While swinging by the planet, it will make several hundred observations of Jupiter, its moons and ring system before picking up speed and heading on to examine the dwarf planet Pluto and Charon, one of its moons.

New Horizons, which NASA says is the fastest spacecraft ever launched, made its debut in space last year. After launching on January 19, the spacecraft reached Earth's moon in just nine hours and Mars by April. If it makes its expected arrival date at Jupiter, it will have traveled hundreds of millions of miles from Earth within 13 months, said Glen Fountain, project manager for New Horizons at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory."

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