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Cell phones - "When the bodies are counted, the bubble will burst."
Written by Danrok   
Sunday, 21 January 2007 11:53

"When the bodies are counted, the bubble will burst.", says Barrie Trower a UK academic and scientist.

He is referring to mobile phone masts and the radiation they emit. He also says, few people are listening to the warnings.

A large percenatge of the population are electrosensitive, and these people are already suffering from various symptons including depression, tiredness, mood swings and prolonged illness - sound familiar?  Worse still phone masts can cause cancer.

Barrie Trower has been involved with microwave research since the 1960s and has carried out reports in the past, on the risks of masts, for governments. He is a member of the Radiation Research Trust (website).

It's not just cell phones which carry a risk, there are also hazards associated with Wi-Fi.

Should we pay attention to these warnings? Comment in the forum.  

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