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Google building a new Data center
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 25 January 2007 08:18

Google to Spend $600 Million for New Datacenter
Tuan Nguyen (Blog) - January 20, 2007 5:57 AM

North Carolina is home to a new massive server farm facility for Google

Google announced this week that it will be investing roughly $600 million USD in building a new data center facility in North Carolina. The new facility will hold server farms that Google will use in its next generation of search and database-intensive applications, particularly its new "Similarity Engine," which removes redundancy in its crawls and results delivery.

Officials at Google indicated that the new facility will hold slightly over 200 employees, most of whom will be network and server specialists. Google's primary research and development facility will still remain in California. Google also has another facility in Arizona, which it had been working on last year....More

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