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If you don't like what people are saying about you, Hack what they are saying....Strange policies!
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 25 January 2007 08:40

Microsoft rumbled over Wikipedia edits
The Inquirer
'Experts' paid to hype

By Nick Farrell: Wednesday 24 January 2007, 14:17
MICROSOFT HAS has got itself in trouble with Wikipedia for paying experts to write "accurate information" about it in the online encyclopaedia.

According to, the Vole had a gutsful of people penning FUD and nonsense about its products on Wikipedia.

It approached an Aussie blogger Rick Jelliffe to correct what it considered inaccuracies in Wikipedia articles on an open-source document standard and a rival format put forward by Microsoft.

A spokesVole said that the Wikipedia articles had been penned by the spinners at IBM which supported the open-source standard and it was not fair about what it said about the Volish effort.

She had flagged the purported mistakes to Wikipedia's volunteer editors who religiously ignored them. So Microsoft called in Jelliffe to make the changes for them....More

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