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Monday, 29 January 2007 07:40

Chemists Report the Creation of Large-Scale Molecular Memory

Marcus Yam (Blog) - January 29, 2007 5:36 AM 


An ultra-dense 160-kilobit memory made up of a 400 x 400 grid of nanowires
Two-state rotaxane molecules act as switches
The memory chip placed among white blood cells for size comparison
Researchers create memory circuit the size of a human white blood cell

A team of UCLA and California Institute of Technology chemists has created an ultra-dense memory device that stores information using reconfigurable molecular switches. The 20 kilobyte memory device has a bit density of 100 gigabit per square centimeter and has enough capacity to store the Declaration of Independence with space left over. The accomplishment represents an important step toward the creation of molecular computers that are much smaller and could be more powerful than today's silicon-based computers.

“Using molecular components for memory or computation or to replace other electronic components holds tremendous promise,” said J. Fraser Stoddart, who is the Fred Kavli Chair in Nanosystems Science at UCLA and director of the California NanoSystems Institute. “This research is one of the only examples of building large molecular memory in a chip at an extremely high density, testing it, and working in an architecture that is practical, where it is obvious how information can be written and read.”... Much More!

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