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Vista OEM activates on multiple computers
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 29 January 2007 17:54

Ryan Shrout at PC Perspective claims he has succesfully activated a Windows Vista OEM licence on three different machines.

On the second and third activation he had to call the given phone number and was transfered to a human operator.  After telling them he did not have Vista running on any other computers, he was given the activation code.

This of course, would contradict the current understanding of the licencing and activation situation.  I am lead to believe that installing the OEM version on anything other than the original PC is not permitted - this is clearly stated on the MS website.  Most likely, what he has done is breaking the terms of the EULA, even if he was able to get the code.

Read his story here.

Before you purchase the OEM Vista, bear in mind that the situation with activation of Vista could change any day.  Transfering an OEM copy to another machine is breaking the licencing agreement.

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