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Steve Jobs tells music companies to abandon DRM
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 06 February 2007 13:57

DRM badness Steve Jobs of Apple has posted an open letter on the Apple website, about digital rights management.  He says he was forced to use DRM by the large record companies, Universal, Sony BMG, Warner and EMI.

Now, he is calling for the DRM system to be opened up or abolished altogether.

"The third alternative is to abolish DRMs entirely. Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats.", says Jobs.  We don't have to imagine very hard given that DRM did not exist at all, until Apple and others pampered to the record company executives wishes.  He is only suggesting that they should give us back something which they helped to take away in the first place.

Meanwhile, Apple is taking legal flak over its stance on DRM in places like Norway.

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