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Samsung claims driver chip breakthrough in LCD TVs
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 06 February 2007 19:15
Samsung says it has developed a thermally enhanced chip-on-film (TECOF) package for the display driver IC that it claims will improve heat dissipation in large-screen, high-resolution LCD TVs.

Read the full story at EDN:

The driver package improves thermal heat dissipation by 20 percent over a conventional COF package, which will improve reliability, said the company.

"A typical DDI requires at least 15V of power to drive large, high-resolution LCD TV panels that operate on broader frequency spectrums to reproduce high-speed video images. As a result, the driver IC generates greater heat, which can create reliability problems," said Samsung.
The package uses a new material for the thin metal tape component that can maximize heat dissipation. The company has also developed a new automated process for attaching the metal tape to the COF package. By applying the new TECOF package, the thermal emissions from the driver are quickly released via the metal tape, minimizing heat buildup.

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