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Streching access to the Vista
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 08 February 2007 07:16

Extending the Vista Activation Grace Period to 120 Days
Marcus Yam (Blog) - February 6, 2007 5:25 AM

Stretch Microsoft's given 30-day grace four-fold -- it's a well documented Vista command

Microsoft is shipping all variants of its newly released Windows Vista on a single DVD, meaning that the disc found in the $199 Home Basic box is the same as the one in the $399 Ultimate package – the only thing separating each in functionality is in the license. If you have a copy of one of the lesser (or slightly nefarious) versions of Windows Vista on hand, and are still undecided if it’s the right one for you, Microsoft offers a 30-day grace period for any operation without the need for a special CD-key.

What if 30 days isn’t enough time to decideif you want to pay extra and upgrade (or legitimize) a copy of Windows Vista? After all, an operating system is the basis for anyone’s computing experience, and is that is unlikely to change until the next big release rolls around – which Bill Gates confirmed could be 2010 or 2011. For those people who need more than just 30-days to evaluate their copy of Windows Vista, Microsoft has an interesting but rarely talked about feature to extend the trial license.... More

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