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'Vista-ready' claim a step too far?
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 08 February 2007 16:49

It would seem that Nvidia's claim that some of their graphics products are "Vista-ready", is rubbing a few people up the wrong way.  Some punters want blood over this, or to see Nvidia in the dock at least.  I can understand the frustration of finding it impossible to get expensive hardware to work correctly.

I did try to have a look round Nvidia's website, to see exactly what claims they may be making.  However, their site appears to have fallen over making that immpossible too.  Perhaps, these claims are really being made more-so by the vendors, retailers and system builders?  Regardless, people are buying new hardware right now, and being led to expect it to dance and perform as described.

A browse around various tech forums reveals many people pleading for help, only to be laughed at by the geek types who tend to respond with comments suggesting that it is their own fault for jumping in to something new without having fist aquired 133T skills or whatever.

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