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State officials oppose repealing Real ID Act
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 09 February 2007 07:47

"Two state officials said Thursday that a forthcoming national identification card should be kept intact or expanded, not scaled back in the face of a growing grassroots revolt."

Read the full story at CNET:

"The 2005 Real ID Act currently says that driver's licenses and other identification documents issued by state governments must comply with a stringent set of rules devised by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. But some state legislatures are weighing whether to stand up to the federal government and oppose federalized identifications, which Maine's legislature did two weeks ago.

"I have no problem with the Real ID Act," Paula Arcioni, the chief information security officer for New Jersey's Office of Information Technology, said during a panel discussion at the 2007 RSA conference here. She said that adding a microprocessor to the national IDs--thereby making them smart cards--would create "cost savings from an overall comprehensive strategic approach."

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