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Fear is mind control and they know it
Written by Danrok   
Sunday, 11 February 2007 15:35

Scott Granneman at the Register has written and article about how big companies such as Apple and Microsoft use fear to control people's software and hardware buying decisions. (You can read that here. )

Those recent Apple Mac ads being a prime example of this.  We all know Windows is prone to virus attacks and the like, however, in twenty years of using Windows I've only had three or four minor incidents on my personal PC.  So, I'm hardly losing sleep over it.  All the same, I do have that little nagging "what if?" thought at the back of my head.  Will I wake up tomorrow to find I have been robbed by cyber criminals?  But, it's not surprising that I have that nag when we consider just how much fearmongering goes on.  Get wise, but don't get paranoid!

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