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Kodak Files Patent for Edible RFID Tag
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 16 February 2007 09:29 has uncovered a recently filed patent application from camera and imaging technology giant Kodak that outlines a compelling new application of RFID: ingestible tags that act as monitors for health characteristics within the human body.

Read the full story at RFIDUpdate:

The idea is that the RFID tag antenna -- the critical component which allows data to broadcast -- be composed of organic material that would dissolve as a result of certain chemical reactions within the human body. Once dissolved, the tag antenna, and therefore the tag itself, would stop transmitting a signal, indicating that the targeted chemical reaction had occurred. Kodak calls them "fragile tags":

This invention is a system that uses intentionally fragile tags to provide useful information by identifying when such tags are destroyed. The system then responds to this basic change of state by providing a useful service. Such intentionally fragile tags can be composed of materials that can be not only be ingested but also digested with the understanding that breakdown is a desirable quality and one that enables the tag materials to be eliminated in the standard manner. Such a fragile tag that is also digestible lends itself to applications such as being included in objects meant to be ingested, such as pills, lozenges, and glycol strips.

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